SuckleCup™ Infant Feeder

Mother and InfantThe Suckle-Cup™ Infant Feeder is a soft, flexible, funnel-shaped cup used as an alternative feeding method for breastfed infants. It can be used for cup feeding with both full-term and premature infants. The Suckle-Cup™ Infant Feeder is made out of a single piece of flexible material. The cup's soft material is very well received by infants and allows adjustment of the shape to meet individual feeding needs. The curved shape stimulates the baby's swallowing response. The pliability of the cup makes it possible for the user to squeeze the edges together to regulate the delivery of milk to the infant as needed.

SuckleCup™ Infant FeederThis product was designed by lactation professionals who provide insight as to the personal requirements of a nurturing mother.

The Suckle-Cup™ Infant Feeder was created for long-lasting repeated usage. It is both boilable and dishwasher safe. Each one comes with its own sanitary plastic case.

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SuckleCup™ Infant Feeder $ 7.00
SuckleCup™ Infant Feeder 3 Pack $ 17.50