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Evert-It™ Nipple Inhancer

The Evert-It™ Nipple Enhancer is a medical device used in assisting the correction of inverted nipples, flat nipples and engorgement of the postpartum lactating mother, by everting the nipple.

$ 17.50

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SofteN™ Nursing Pads

SofteN™ are pure untreated merino wool nursing pads used to provide soothing warmth and softness for tender breasts.

5" Pads $ 16.00
6" Pads $ 18.15
7" Pads $ 20.25

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SuckleCup™ Infant Feeder

The Suckle-Cup™ Infant Feeder is a soft, flexible, funnel-shaped cup used as an alternative feeding method for breast-fed infants.

Single $ 7.00
3 Pack $ 17.50

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SuppleMate™ Infant Care I & II

SuppleMate™ Infant Care enables supplemental feeding while a baby is nursing a mother's breast.

Infant Care I (6" tube) $ 3.50
Infant Care I (2" tube) $ 3.50

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Cooling Care™ Disposable Hydrogel Nursing Relief Pads

Cooling Care™ disposable hydrogel nursing relief pads are for mothers to use between breast-feedings to cool and soothe breast irritation and soreness.

$ 11.99

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